Why redirecting millennials to other channels for customer support is a bad idea?

redirecting customers to other channels

Millennials are the largest customer set in the United States; in fact, they are supposed to dominate the market in 2017 as per Forbes. As they often tend to spread their opinion of things they experience and also reach out to friends before purchasing anything, they demand seamless customer support.

Surely, your brand considers its customer service to be appropriate. However, what millennials consider a great customer service may differ from what you providing. Your brand might be making investments in large contact centers who assure repeated calls and detailed emails to assist customers. Millennials, unfortunately, don’t want all that. They want something that is digital and streamlined, something like social media where their queries are taken up on priority.

This need for digital arises since millennials have grown up coddled with technology. If there was ever a generation considered as digital natives, it is them. For them, urgency is a way of life and redirecting them instead of providing a quick resolution on their grievance will annoy them.

For instance, the example below shows an instance of an irate millennial being redirected to another channel by American Airlines instead of being given a resolution.

In another instance, Motorola’s Twitter presence kept repeatedly asking a customer to email them his grievance. Instead of sharing a resolution, the customer was inconvenienced time and again and thrust into an endless loop of emails. This induced frustration in a customer.

What is the conclusion? Stop redirecting! It’s just a bad idea.

Let’s remember that customer service is all about the user experience. 59% of millennials share bad customer service experiences online. You definitely don’t want that.  Ensure that your social media agents become the best help desk for customers.  This can be done by:

  • Providing proper training to your social media agents that increase the chance of resolving the issue on the same channel
  • Realigning all the channels to minimize the redirecting process

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