How mature is your social media customer care process?

Having a great social media customer care process is vital for leveraging your brand’s goodwill online. But before anything, you need to understand how mature your brand’s social customer care process is, not for your audience, but for yourself.

The maturity of your customer care process totally depends on two important aspects, what is your turnaround time and how is your resolution quality. Hence, we would like you to take up a quick and simple self-assessment test that lets you explore your maturity level, with respect to your social media customer care process.


Depending on your answers, we would place you on the following quadrants:

social customer service process      Here is an overview of what all these four quadrants indicate:

  1. Quadrant I: Brands that have a poor resolution time and publish resolutions of a low-quality fall in this quadrant. Such brands still lack an understanding of setting up an organized social media customer care process. If your brand lies in this quadrant, you really need to buck up to beat your competitors, who are doing well in resolving their customer queries online.
  2. Quadrant II: Brands who have a poor resolution time, but publish resolutions of a high-quality fall in this quadrant. Such brands are mostly startups, who are passionate about customer service but lag due to various factors such as limited resources, small setup etc.
  3. Quadrant III: Brands that have a quick resolution time, but publish resolutions of a low quality lie under this quadrant. Such brands need to understand that customers are looking for a solution, and not a banal response.
  4. Quadrant IV: Brands who give out a quick and high-quality resolution to customer queries fall under this quadrant. Generally, we see well-established brands that really care for their customer concerns reach the quadrant IV. Quadrant II and III brands aspire to be in this quadrant.

Quadrant I: Deutsche Bank not only have a poor resolution time, but also a below average quality of resolution. In reality, it doesn’t give out a resolution to customer queries online. It simply pushes templated responses and most of those responses are redirecting the customer to another channel for solutions. The turnaround time taken by this bank’s handle is more than 12 hours.

deutsche bank

Quadrant II: Modavanti, an upcoming American fashion startup falls under this quadrant. Take a look at the following example. The brand certainly answers the customer query along with promising to reply quicker the next time, but the time taken to resolve the query is more than 15 days. Late resolutions often prove unhelpful to the customer.

Quadrant III:  Vodafone UK falls in this quadrant. Although, it meets the industry standards of responding to customers within an hour on Twitter, but it fails to give out resolutions. In the following example, the customer got a response in no time. However, he seemed to be irritated since the brand could not provide a resolution and kept on giving robotic responses.

Quadrant IV:  Nike rolls out to be one of the best brands that fit the specification of Quadrant IV. From the below instance, we learn that Nike is quite quick in resolving customer queries and thus, invites appreciation for its customer service.

Get an objective report of how you are faring with the help of our Benchmarking tool.

However, if you wish to get a qualitative report on how you fare, take up this quiz to figure out on which quadrant does your brand stand. Click here.

Here are a few sample questions that would give you a fair idea about the test:

  1. Do you redirect your customers to a non-social media channel?
    • Always
    • Sometimes
    • Rarely
    • Never
  1. What is your social media customer care availability?
    • Always open
    • Only on weekdays, during working hours
    • All 7 days a week, but limited hours

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