4 Best Ways to Prioritize Customers for Social Media Responses

Prioritize Customers for Responses

As per Econsultancy, 72% of the customers expect a response of their query on social media within one hour. This expectation can be fulfilled only when you prioritize customers to give out responses.

It is a much spoken about fact that all customers are important. However, when a company has many customers to engage with, each with different importance, it becomes challenging as to who to engage with first. In case you too are scratching your head wondering how to prioritize customers in social media, here are a few parameters that should be considered:

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Why Your Social Media Customer Care Needs to be Sensitivite?

Why your social media customer care needs sensitivity

Responding to customers online is a challenging job as a brand’s response might not always be what the customer wants to hear. However, proper training helps your social media agents respond to customers in a satisfactory and fair manner. It is said that learning happens either by one’s own mistakes, or by paying attention to those of others. Keeping this in mind, we have gathered from across the globe a few examples of how social customer care response should not be done.  With this, you know how to train your agents.

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Back your Customer Responses with Homework

Back Your Customer Responses with Homework

Socially responsive brands create happy customers. Every brand knows this and those who don’t are living under a rock. Social media is all about speed, fast likes, fast answers and faster resolutions. If a post is unanswered for a couple of hours it fizzles off and a new latest takes its place. Customers are forming opinions based on how responsive a brand is.  The choice is simple — quick or dead.

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Why we built Trooya

Trooya Social Customer Service

Social media represents a huge opportunity for brands to engage with their customers and a treasure trove of insights into what these customers think. Leveraging this opportunity by engaging with customers on social media and generating social media insights should be straightforward, but unfortunately is incredibly challenging to do especially at scale.

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