Social media customer service tips from popular Indian online food apps

The Times of India reported that Indian online food delivery market grew by 150% in the year 2016.

The Indian food industry online is prone to high volumes of customer chatter. Concerns about delivery times, packaging, billing, wrong orders and quality of food are some of the reasons why customers end up conversing with an online food app daily. Continue reading “Social media customer service tips from popular Indian online food apps”

Trooya now has Google Playstore support!

We are proud to announce that Trooya now supports data crawling and response support for Google Playstore reviews. For any customer who adds their Google Playstore account into Trooya, they would get reviews posted in the last 7 days as well as subsequent reviews on their tracker.

While we had initially supported websites such as Facebook and Twitter, we now wanted an online space which saw a large volume of customer chatter. Google Playstore happens to be such a space, where users not only share app related feedback but also touch upon their customer service experience. Continue reading “Trooya now has Google Playstore support!”

Trooya integrates Google Play Store Reviews

We are thrilled to announce that Trooya is integrating Google Play Store in the tool, which will fetch your app reviews directly from Google Play store into Trooya. You can reply to each review from the tool. It will fetch app reviews, device type, app version and star ratings into the tool.

For getting your Google Play Store App reviews in Trooya, you will need to set up following:

  • A Google Play Developer account. For information, read here.
  • An app created and published by you in the Google Play Store. For more information, read here.

Continue reading “Trooya integrates Google Play Store Reviews”