Why we built Trooya

Trooya Social Customer Service

Social media represents a huge opportunity for brands to engage with their customers and a treasure trove of insights into what these customers think. Leveraging this opportunity by engaging with customers on social media and generating social media insights should be straightforward, but unfortunately is incredibly challenging to do especially at scale.

The key challenge faced is the sheer volume of social media posts that makes it difficult to understand and respond to all posts without a tool. The problem is that most tools that attempt to solve this challenge are either overly simplistic and hence miss out on flexibility to do specifically for you need, or are so complex that it takes a lot of time to learn and wield.

So when one of Asia’s largest telecom companies approached us to build a social contact center, which would enable them to understand and engage with their customers in real time, we leaped at the opportunity. They had tried many other products before – both custom built as well as off the shelf — but found these to be either too rigid, lacking in features or too complex to understand. We combined our expertise in the social media space with the customer’s pain points and experiences with other products to build Trooya.

Over the course of the last 15 months we worked with companies across sectors like Telecom, Banking, Travel and Logistics to figure out the right blend of power and intuitiveness. Trooya was born from this endeavour.

Trooya stands for what is true and simple, and yet powerful. We hope that like the story of Goldilocks, you find Trooya to be neither too simple nor too complex, but “just right”.

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