Back your Customer Responses with Homework

Back Your Customer Responses with Homework

Socially responsive brands create happy customers. Every brand knows this and those who don’t are living under a rock. Social media is all about speed, fast likes, fast answers and faster resolutions. If a post is unanswered for a couple of hours it fizzles off and a new latest takes its place. Customers are forming opinions based on how responsive a brand is.  The choice is simple — quick or dead.


But respond quick and wrong, you are deader than ever!  A little “homework” on the customer can save your social customer agent a red face and apologies.

So you respond quick and accurate, and you get an opportunity to serve.

While turnaround time varies from industry to industry, general agreement puts twitter response time at under 30 minutes and Facebook TAT at under 1 hour. What homework can be done in this time?

Brands like Tesco, Walmart and Dominos are loved on social media, because they actually resolve an issue and don’t just respond. How do they achieve this? By doing “homework” on their customers. They can do this at scale because their social customer care is backed by tools.

Trooya is one such tool which puts this power in the hands of the agent. It tells your agent if the customer has a history of ranting about your brand, how the previous interactions were resolved, positively or negatively, how important he or she is, and the customer’s influencer score. All this helps your agent prioritize and personalize. These are actionable insights which can seriously help the agent help the brand and the customer.

Take a look here and sign up for a 14 day free trial.


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