Trooya now has Google Playstore support!

We are proud to announce that Trooya now supports data crawling and response support for Google Playstore reviews. For any customer who adds their Google Playstore account into Trooya, they would get reviews posted in the last 7 days as well as subsequent reviews on their tracker.

While we had initially supported websites such as Facebook and Twitter, we now wanted an online space which saw a large volume of customer chatter. Google Playstore happens to be such a space, where users not only share app related feedback but also touch upon their customer service experience.

Any brand which views its mobile app as a potential customer touch point would be a beneficiary of our new feature. Brands belonging to industries such as telecom, online food ordering, banking and ecommerce can utilize our new feature to reach out to users on the Google Playstore.

Your brand can benefit from our newer feature in ways such as:

  1. No need to sort through multiple pages in the Google Playstore to check all reviews, as you would find them conveniently in one place i.e. your Trooya tracker
  2. Ability to respond to any Playstore reviews from within Trooya; follow-ups and closure on individual reviews would also be convenient courtesy our Interaction window feature
  3. Having a central location to respond to all customer posts from Facebook, Twitter and Playstore, which can also help establish a uniform response time across all of those online portals
  4. Securing your Google account, by not sharing its password with any response agent or supervisor after your initial set-up

If you wish to know how you can setup your Google Playstore, you can click here to read our detailed instructions.

In case you find this feature interesting and wish to sign up for a Trooya trial, please click here.

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