4 Best Ways to Prioritize Customers for Social Media Responses

Prioritize Customers for Responses

As per Econsultancy, 72% of the customers expect a response of their query on social media within one hour. This expectation can be fulfilled only when you prioritize customers to give out responses.

It is a much spoken about fact that all customers are important. However, when a company has many customers to engage with, each with different importance, it becomes challenging as to who to engage with first. In case you too are scratching your head wondering how to prioritize customers in social media, here are a few parameters that should be considered:

  • Relationship with the customer: The relationship that a customer has with your brand can be gauged through a simple CRM integration to fetch details like value, date of sign up, customer segment, etc. If it’s a new customer, a quick resolution would result in a great first impression. If it is a loyal customer or a high value customer, quickly resolving their issue will result in increased loyalty and customer spend.
  • Social media influence: Not all customers are equal. Some merely by virtue of their social media influence need to be addressed on priority because of their ability to impact the opinions of others. Looking at a customer’s social profile helps identify those who have the power to sway public opinion. If a customer has a high following or network on social media, don’t wait for anything. Reach out to them with aystem, go for a Free Trooya Trial.
  • Difference between loyal customers and high-maintenance customers: Loyal customers are those who keep returning to you for more products or services. They’re unlike those high maintenance ones who rant a lot and suck up a lot of your company’s customer service bandwidth. Loyal customers may not bring the big bucks, but their loyalty deserves speedy resolutions. Hence, prioritize loyal customers over high maintenance ones.
  • Hearing the Alarm Bells: If your customer is genuinely in a pickle, help them out at the earliest. For instance, if a customer of a facial cream complains of a reaction, that beauty brand needs to get in touch with her immediately. Delay here will make them seem irresponsible. Prioritize customers on the basis of the urgency of their needs.

Prioritizing doesn’t mean ignoring the customer who doesn’t fall in all the above categories. All customers should be respected. You never know which customer may work wonders for your brand in the future.

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