Prioritizing Your Customers for Responses.

Every customer is important, that goes without saying. However, a customer service agent needs to set a priority of its customers for responses and it matters a lot to the brand for enabling an efficient response management process. Now, the question is on what basis you will prioritize your customer. You need to invest a bit of your precious time to identify your customer. Here are a few parameters on which you can decide your priority-

Relationship with the customer- When a customer puts out a query, you can quickly check its history of from how long he is associated with you for identifying what kind of relationship he has with your brand. If he is your long-term customer, you need to solve his query on a priority. On the other hand, if he is a new customer, you need to resolve his query as soon as possible in order set a good image of your brand, as there is a popular saying “Fist Impression is your Last Impression”.
The Influencing Factor- This is one of the vital elements to be taken in to consideration for prioritizing your customer. You should look at the profile of the customer and decide on factors like is does he have the power to influence, does he have lot many followers and is he connected to huge groups and communities. If the answer is yes, don’t wait for anything. Just ease him out with a suitable solution leaving all your work aside.
Difference between good clients and high-maintenance clients- Good clients are unlike those high-maintenance ones who fetch you a big profit once a year. Clients that come to you on a regular basis are defined as good clients. May be they don’t get you much yearly profits, but they remember you regularly to fulfill their needs. Hence, prioritize good clients than the high-maintenance ones.
Urgency- From the posted query, you need to understand whether your customer is seriously in trouble. For instance, if you are selling beauty products and your customer complains on getting acne all over her face with your face wash, you really need to apologize soon to save your company’s reputation and come up with an instant solution that helps the acnes to settles down. Based on the degree of how much your customer needs you, make your customer priority list.
FIFO- FIFO stands for ‘First In, First Out’. If none of the above works, follow the FIFO order for responses to curtail your turnaround time. The latest query should be responded first and later, the older ones. In this way, your average TAT is lower.
Ensure that prioritizing doesn’t mean ignoring the customer who doesn’t fall in all the above categories. All the customers should be respected by providing a solution to their query. After all, you never know which customer can work wonders for your brand.
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