Such Memes. Much Trooya. Wow.

Memes are now just a click away on Trooya. Yes, Trooya now supports memes! Our customers now have the ability to add GIFs and memes to responses directly through Trooya. But what made us spend our thought, time and effort into this feature?

It’s simple. Memes are the present and the future of response management on social media. As you know, memes have exploded all over the internet. Gone are the days when memes were just used by kids on the internet to crack small inside jokes. A meme, or ‘humorous images’ as they’re regarded online, have become such a big part of internet culture that people use them to convey emotions ranging from simple to the more complex ones. They’re the way people talk online, put simply. In fact, they’ve already crept into customer interactions, and have made for some interesting conversations between customer and brand page.

Now, how can you use Trooya to ‘meme-ify’ your conversations and engage with your customers? Simply

  1. Click on the emoji icon in your response window
  2. Search for the GIF you want to use, use keywords for the memes you wish to find
  3. Click to add it at the end of your response

All the GIFs are supported across all social media channels. Additionally, to make your conversations smoother, we have the most used sentiments, like ‘thank you’,‘sorry’ or ‘happy’, as predefined tabs. This should surely help you have more creative, engaging and personalised conversations with your customers on your channels. 


Do you think that this feature will benefit your brand’s social customer service? If yes, click here to sign-up for a free 14-day trial or call us at 022-40162725 to speak to our team.

If you are an existing client and wish to know more about the new feature, kindly contact your respective customer success manager.


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