Are you slipping through their social customer care filter?

Water purifiers have become essential to urban Indians. Most houses tend to have one. Since a malfunction in the purifier can bring the household to a halt, they need regular maintenance e.g. their filters need to be changed regularly. This cyclical need for the purifier’s upkeep keeps the brands, who’re part of the 1.1 billion dollar market Indian water purifier market, a whole lot busy.  

As this product needs to be serviced at regular intervals, customers are heavily reliant on brands providing them superior sales and customer service support. Which brings us to the pertinent question, which Indian brand excels at giving customer support on social media? To understand this we analysed the customer conversations of Kent, EurekaForbes and Pureit. We judged them on the basis of:

  1. Scheduling a servicing appointment: To see how brands managed scheduling related concerns posed by customers, for when they wanted a brand representative to service their water purifier
  2. Quality of service experience: To see how brands managed customers when they shared their experience with brand representatives who were assigned to service their water purifiers
  • Scheduling a servicing appointment


78% of scheduling related concerns were responded to by Kent’s online team. Kent’s social customer care team tends to use a professional tone, although their responses feel templated. Their strategy for resolving concerns tends to vary; while sometimes they ask customers to DM them their details, they also redirect customers to their toll-free number or their Online Care email address. This can get confusing for the customer, as they’re unable to talk to their brand online despite coming to its online presence.


EurekaForbes responded to 85% of issues regarding scheduling of service appointment.s Their responses are personalised and use a casual tone. It refers to the customer’s location, has empathy and even gets signed off with the name of their social customer care agent. Having read quite a few of their response changes, it seems that their responses vary and are tailored depending on a customer’s case.


The brand tended to 85% of issues with scheduling of product servicing. Pureit uses a relatively casual tone in their interactions. Strangely, the brand tends to add a customer’s Twitter handle while replying to them, despite Twitter having already added the customer’s handle in their response. Apart from this, the reply lacks any other personalisation.

  • Quality of service experience


Kent responded to 88% of issues with replacement or changing of parts. In these cases too, Kent was observed continuing with their practice of redirecting customers to other portals of communication. This practice not only makes the customer wait longer for their resolution, but it also spoils the customer experience, in that they’re being bounced off from one portal into another.


Eureka Forbes attended to 78% of service experience related concerns. It was observed that they generally include – the city-specific team who’ll be forwarded the customer’s details, requesting the customer’s patience and a sign-off from their social customer care agent. Although this response does feel templated in some areas, it gets the job done since it gives the customer an actual update as to who would be working on their case. In a scenario where the customer hasn’t shared their details, their primary response then focuses on getting those details first.


Pureit responded to 90% of issues with service experience. The Pureit team tends to take the conversation offline, into their Twitter DMs. This way further interactions with the customer are away from the public eye. While this strategy does have its own benefits, it should ideally be followed up with a public closure response to the customer’s earlier tweet for when their case actually gets resolved. For the time period taken for this article, no closure responses were spotted.


Social customer service can get you sales

People are always looking for recommendations and products online. Your social customer care team can engage with these potential customers. In the above example, the customer was looking for a specific type of product. The brand replied with a link to that product on their website.

Answer general queries publicly

A lot of customers may have generic queries. Something that they would probably find in an ‘FAQ’ section or something that has a simple resolution. Instead of redirecting them, solve this type of query in a response. EurekaForbes does exactly that in the above example.

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