How Netflix India upped its Twitter game for Sacred Games.

‘Sacred Games’ is one of Netflix’s new web series targeting the Indian audience. And the response has been phenomenal. Indians all over the internet can’t stop raving about the show! So it’s a no brainer for the people at Netflix to promote the show and keep the hype going.

They took to Twitter to do exactly just that. On 30 Jul, 25 days after Sacred Games aired, the streaming behemoth’s Indian twitter handle put out this tweet.

This tweet is referring to an iconic dialogue in the first season. Many fans theorized that this dialogue would be the segue into the next season. A lot of people also expected some sort of announcement related to the forthcoming season of the show, but were left disappointed.

But Netflix was successful in generating the buzz that they hoped for. Their original tweet in this topic received more than 1,800 retweets and more than 7,000 likes! However, the promotion didn’t stop there.

Two days after the initial tweet, they tweeted out to 7 people. The only thing these 7 people shared was the same last name. Trivedi. (And well, they all also had upwards of 1,000 followers) The tweets read, ‘25 din khatam. Bach gaya kya?’ and ended by tagging one of the 7 ‘Trivedis’. The ‘Hinglish’ tweet roughly translates to ‘25 days are over. Are you still alive?’.

Netflix are known for bringing their A-game to Twitter, whether it be for customer service issues or to simply engage with customers. So what did they do right (or wrong) with this activity?

  1. Timed it right
    They tried to follow the timeline in the series when planning out the activity. They referenced a line in the series and ran with it. Fans that had watched the series hopped on board with the reference and flooded the replies with talks about the next season. On the other hand, it probably piqued the interest of people that had not watched the series.
  2. Choose influencers
    All the handles that they reached out to had a minimum of 1000 followers on Twitter. The handle with the most followers was that of popular bollywood singer Amit Trivedi, coming in at around 70,000 followers. By tagging these influencers they significantly increased the reach of their tweets.
  3. Personalise
    Out of the 7 people, 5 were male and 2 were female. The brand’s social media team made sure that the tweets weren’t just directly copy pasted. They changed the word ‘gaya’ to ‘gayi’ to ensure that the tweet  read correctly for the female influencers that they chose.
  4. Spam
    The 7 tweets one after another can come across as spam. And it did to more than one of the brand’s followers.This tweet translates to ‘Stop. Will you tag and tweet to all the Trivedis in the world?’

    Another user asked the brand to ‘calm down’ after looking at the string of tweets.To this the brand creatively replied using another dialogue from the series, ‘Jab tak yeh khel khatam nahi hoga apun idharich hai.’ This translates to ‘We’re right here until this game gets over’.

This activity shows you why Netflix is one of the brands that win when it comes to Twitter. Their tweets frequently contain memes and pop culture references that connect with their internet-savvy target audience. Additionally, they’re just as good at dealing with disgruntled customers and dishing out customer care as they are with their social media marketing. Overall, they ensure you, the customer, are getting a great experience when you reach out to them on social media.

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