About Trooya Blog

Simply put, Trooya is a social contact center that enables you to engage in social media with your customers and prospects in real time – responding to leads, answering product queries and resolving service issues.

But what makes Trooya stand apart is our passion for customer delight. We are deeply invested in your success and commit to go above and beyond to ensure that Trooya works for you and your customers.

As a Trooya user, you will see our passion for your delight translated into simplistic design and features that enable you in turn to delight your customer, while at the same time reducing costs.

As a customer, you will experience working with customer success folks at Trooya who truly care for your success, who will be there to guide you, proactively support you, and importantly learn from you too.

And as a reader, you will find this blog to be a source of content aimed at folks like you who believe in the power of social media to engage and delight customers and earn goodwill. We will publish both original and curated content on topics like industry best practices, case studies, Trooya features and use cases.

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