Social Media listening as a customer service tool and why brands can’t seem to ignore

It almost goes without saying loud how consumers are living against the backdrop of a digital landscape. Look around. Isn’t that obvious how marketers are filling in the blank spaces with loads of ads, write-ups, blogs, newsletters and host of other stuff? That brings us to the point where social media Listening is constantly being pictured as a tool for customer service solutions thus readily offering a chance for brands to develop effective communication with customers and in the process reach new ones. Here’s a look at three such ways how social media listening can act as a great customer service tool, something that brands can’t possibly ignore.

Consistency is the key

Ever since social media was bright as a newborn babe, brands have been wracking their brains to get the best possible leverage. With social media listening, the avenues have turned wider as they can use an Omni-channel approach to address any queries including negative feedback. These days, brands invest in making their social media pages act as a digital helpdesk and their first point of reach for customer care thus fostering accessibility. So, how does a brand go about achieving the same? The key word is consistency.

Whether it’s about responding to every single message received or declaring limits on replies following which the query would require to schedule a call-back. However, in doing so, one needs to stay as authentic as possible and align company values to impact one’s business reputation positively. Hence, as a brand, it is always imperative to ensure customer service readily forms a part of the strategy designed for social media to bring one and all involved to the same page.

Market reports indicate how more than 40 percent of individuals engaging with a brand through social media looks forward towards responses within a time frame of 60 minutes or even less.  And that’s not all. More significant organizations with an aim to publicize their brand are willing to pay a hefty sum to editors to work weekends and nights to ensure customer question and concerns are being answered without having to compromise with quality. Thus, offering customer service using social media listening as a tool offers a wholesome approach 24/7, which in turn is a great way to answer the fluctuating demands empowering a brand to be stronger. Take Spotify for instance that won the Webby Award in 2015 for outstanding customer support through social media. Through the SpotifyCares account on Twitter, the company not only offers new information about products and services but also takes care of technical troubleshooting. Spotify cleverly incorporated music streaming with customer service by providing a reply to users recommending songs based on their query.

Social Media Listening impacting ROI

Remember what Ben Parker told Peter in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That is precisely how besides acting as a voice for a brand; social media listening can help influence the performance of a business. As brands tend to make use of social media listening as the chief source of power to turn things their way, it inherently becomes all the way more responsible benefiting customers. Never forget, that every single engagement, comment, post or tweet is open to being criticized by one and all and any such online interaction carry the power to change the very fabric of a business. If a brand manages to make full use of social media listening, they can not only lure in more eyeballs but also sustain the same attaining the goals of customer loyalty, without having to try too hard.

Working with insightful data

When a brand chooses to make use of social media listening as a tool for customer service, it relies on data to save money. Compared to what the brand could have achieved by investing across focus groups and traditional ways of market research, social media listening can readily offer the answers to essential questions. Coupled with real-time analytics, a brand can also run a check on its performance against its direct rivals in the market by employing insightful metrics like sentiment analysis or the share of voice (SOV). In other words, engagement of customers at the right place and time helps brands to understand their wants and needs and perform accordingly. This is trickier than it sounds and mismanagement can often lead to situations where the digital strategy falls far from the core marketing plan.


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Written for Germin8 by Ipsit Roy

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