5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

To build a wholesome brand community, there is nothing that beats social media. Additionally, it also helps to boost the customer base for business as well as ROI for the same. According to a market study, more than 70 percent of companies globally make use of social media for promotion and marketing plan. Now while the majority of these organizations believe their social media marketing strategy to be right, only 5 percent of their customer base seems to agree with them. As a brand, no matter what you do, all your efforts can go down the drain if you are prone towards making a handful of social media mistakes, again and again. Here’s a rundown at 5 such common mistakes across social media and how to go about avoiding them.

“Nada” for Social Media Marketing Strategy

Even though we live in a digital age, some emerging brands tend to believe that there’s no point in having a social media strategy in the first place, as their names are already established in the market. This is the lamest approach for a brand to adopt. This is solely because your competitor brand doesn’t think the same and if they manage to pull an impressive social media presence all over, they might throw in stiff challenges for you along the way. Having a social media marketing strategy is not about a couple of posts per day across Facebook; it’s way more than that. It calls for a well-defined action plan in the shape of images, blogs, videos, tweets, event making and a lot more to help shape and create a tonal voice for your brand.

 Staying aloof from monitoring your results

There is no denying that fact that social media marketing can usher in significant returns for a brand. What makes it even more fascinating is that one can track its progress real-time. This not only helps to adopt changes strategically but also churns out all negative factors at one go.  For instance, one can do away with an ad campaign that is non-performing and save your money.

Nevertheless, very first campaigns across a social media platform will never guarantee you magical results. Think of it as a growing mountain. It takes time, and with time it will offer you great insight to test and tweak your campaign to get the best out of it. So, learning from your social media campaign is the first thing that one needs to do and then move on towards realizing the business goals for all-around good. To be able to do so, one must not deter anyway from monitoring as it is the only way to keep things afloat.

No two social media platform is the same

Quite a common misunderstanding for the majority of brands, organizations tend to post the same content, in the same format across all social media platforms. It is to be taken into consideration that not every social media platform performs in the very same manner as they are markedly different in their strength, their approach, marketing aspects and audience reach for that matter. In other words, they affect demographics, interests, and behavior in a whole lot different way. Hence, it’s always important that you tailor your marketing for each social media platform to build up the impact to reach your target audience.

Barring the human touch

One should never consider blocking human touch for their brand presence across social media. You will have to develop that aura of a social creature like all humans are and interact proactively with people who might turn out to be brand loyalists in the long run. For any brand that has a social media presence, it’s necessary to keep human touch as much as possible. In other words, it’s a full proof way to build trust and bank on that for prospects to turn into customers who would stay with your brand in the long run.

Avoiding working on negative comments and feedback

The key to dealing with negative comments and feedback is to take them positively.  Negative feedback no matter how bad it is for your business offers a chance to ensure your brand quality is gaining ground with your customers. Additionally, it also leaves a brand to accept its shortcomings and work on the same to emerge better and build trust in the process. Many brands tend to ignore if there’s any negative comment from a customer who might be unhappy with the product or service received. Some even choose to refrain replying to same and delete the same from the community board or social platform. This is a wrong approach and shows a lack of responsibility towards acknowledging any mishap that might have caused discontentment. A smarter approach would be to apologize for the same even though you know not what the customer is complaining about.  Moving on, one could offer a replacement for a product at free of cost or better its services by scheduling an appointment to have a conversation about the problem and coming to a solution. Such an approach not only help shape the brand towards better customer service but also sets an example before other customers who are brand loyalists.

If you are a brand looking to omit mistakes across social media platforms for your brand to excel, we at Germin8 can help you realize your dream. Drop us a line below, and we would love to hear from you and help shape your online presence towards profitability and excellence!

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