3 Simple Customer Service Tips for Managing Social Media Influencers

managing social media influencers

The word “Influencer” is used frequently these days. They are essentially those who can impact your business both positively and negatively. Thanks to their social media reach and standing with their audience. Anybody with a large dedicated audience on social media can become one. Influencers are looked upon as trusted opinion makers.

It’s not a surprise that global brands like Maybelline New York, Dove, Jet Airways and L’Oreal are opting for social media influencers. In fact, L’Oreal had even appointed five beauty bloggers into their “Beauty Squad” to create better content for their readers. This was a good example of engaging influencers and using their strengths to your advantage.

But, the thing to note is that social media influencers are consumers first. If they have a negative experience with a brand, they don’t hesitate to use the might of their social media influence to bring a brand to its knees.

social media influencers

In fact, one such social media influencer made the famous Tesla Motors change their car charging policy! This occurred when Loic Le Meur, a French entrepreneur and blogger, complained about the Tesla Motors charging stations being misused for parking by certain customers. Under 20 minutes, Elon Musk assured Loic that due action would be taken on this. After 6 days, Tesla Motors introduced “Idle Fees” wherein customers were charged $0.40/minute for using the Supercharging stall after their car was fully recharged. This is a perfect example of how an influencer impacts a business.

If you’re wondering about how you should manage social media influencers, here are 3 customer service tips:

  • Identify them early: Given how fast a social influencer can impact your brand through their social media posts, it is imperative that you know that a particular post is from an influencer very early. The earlier you know the more time you have to act.
  • Prioritize them: Next, you should be able to prioritize these influencers over other customers so that they jump the queue and get responded to first. To misquote George Orwell, “All customers are equal, but some are more equal.”
  • Assign your best agents: While interacting with an influencer online, you are not only talking to them, but also their followers. Therefore, your business needs to be cautious about the tone, words and the turnaround time it takes while responding to them. Make sure that posts from influencers get assigned to your most experienced agents. This helps to avoid a silly, amateurish response going out to an influencer.

These tips may seem challenging, but in the end, they pay off.

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  1. That’s a great tips.
    Of Course, the quote “more equal” always make sense.
    Customer are important.
    What we should focus is to give maximum output to increase the popularity of a brands.

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